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Claims leads freshly generated and exclusive to law firms. The leads are generated through digital marketing. From Google AdWords to LinkedIn marketing we help law firms or CMCs ensuring they get quality claims leads to convert into cases.  

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Housing Disrepair Leads

If you specialise in housing disrepair claims or if you’re in a firm dealing specifically with housing disrepair looking to help tenants get what they’re entitled to, then you require appropriate tools such as lead generation for housing disrepair leads.

Mis sold PCP leads

Mis-sold PCPs are a rising problem all over the nation. Nowadays, personal contract plans are among the most popular payment options for vehicles, and due to their complexity and convenience, thousands of drivers are getting scammed by dealers, brokers and finance companies.  Who wanted to get a better deal for themselves.

Mis sold Energy Leads

Mis-sold business energy claims are whereby a company was not notified on charges within their energy agreement. We can help generate leads that will convert into claims on your behalf.

RTA Claim Leads

Looking to find individuals who have had a road traffic accident? Bespoke Leads can assist in lead generation.   

R&D Tax Credit Leads

Does your business help companies claim back there research and development tax credit claims? We can help with lead generation.

Plevin Leads

Discover proven lead generation methods for Plevin Claims.

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  1. Passionate about building marketing campaigns that stand out.
  2. A vast experience in the claims industry.
  3. From design, implementing and execution we manage it all.
  4. Weekly updates on progress and modifications.
  5. Compliant ads and methods of lead generation.

Here at we look to build long term working relationships with our clients Claims leads are the bread and butter of a successful CMC/Law Firm. We take this very seriously as we know if the leads are not right the business wont flow. Its in all of our interest to build a steady funnel of leads that are suitable and qualified prospects that want to make a claim before they even speak with your agents.

Google Leads

Google Leads

Leads generated for the product and brand via Google Ads. Our team can build and manage effective marketing campaigns via the biggest search audience. 

LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn Leads

Define a set audience, target that audience via various methods. Receive leads from your set audience. Biggest business networking platform. Is your brand being noticed?

SEO Leads

SEO Leads

Invest in the future and for the long term. By securing high positions on Google natural listing resulting in very high quality leads. Is today the day to invest in the future success of the business?

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