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Google leads – We can manage your Google AdWords account!

Google leads are a must have for any medium to large size business. It is important to have a certified campaign manger with industry experience. The manager can create ads and build a keyword list. The job is to build ads, then target them ads at the keywords selected. This is all done via Google AdWords platform. We successful run Google accounts in many  industries and we are so confident we take all the risks by providing you leads at a rate of cost per lead. 

Goggle Leads from

AdWords not cheap – but works.

Each industry has a rough guide to how much a customer could be worth to them.
By working out how much a customer could be worth to you will give you a price on how much you are willing to pay for a client in marketing terms.
As the old saying goes you pay for what you get and this is Google leads in a nut shell. 

PPC Leads

How long should you be running ads?

A minimum of three months. A campaign managers job is find the good, the bad and the ugly matches. From bad ads to rubbish keywords and remove them. Equally find variations on ads to match the keywords that produce the best results. This is not a simple task and takes time and money. However after 3 months your campaign will show which were the best ads for the most relevant keywords and then you can direct all the budget there.

After the 3 months – what’s next for Google?

This is were its gets exciting. After 3 months we should have worked out the best converting adverts and the best keywords to display them to. Even when you have done all this and you have a strong landing page you may still only be converting 8% of traffic. This is when we activate

Google retargeting for more juice.

92% of that lost traffic becomes alive and we will look to not only have the Google leads via PPC coming through but also the window shoppers who didn’t make a move the first time. After this is completed it would now be time to look at your

SEO positions. 

Google Bespoke Leads

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