Google Retargeting

Google Retargeting
for SEO and PPC.

Google retargeting could be the gold mine that you are missing to take the business to the next stage. There is different type of traffic on your Google analytics from Direct, SEO or PPC. If you are investing in SEO or PPC you should really have retargeting set up.    

Goggle Leads

SEO Retargeting – The Gold Mine..

If like Bespoke Leads you have traffic coming to the website via SEO. Then you could be sitting on a gold mine when it comes to Google retargeting. As mentioned on the Google leads page even the best websites might only get a 8% conversion. That is a lot of interested traffic that you will never see again.  We like to call these window shoppers. If you install Google retargeting you will increase your lead generation.

PPC Leads

PPC Retargeting… Improve your results.

Should you be running a Google PPC campaign then you could be ready to move into retargeting. If you are just starting out you will have to wait around 3 months in order for Google to capture enough data for your website/landing page. However when you are at this stage retargeting is highly recommended not only to increase lead volume but also to reduce cost on running PPC campaigns.  

I have Google PPC set up, I have retargeting set up, what next?

Should you have PPC and Google retargeting set up. The next steps would be to consider your SEO positions or look at the social side with Facebook Leads. Increasing your SEO positions are a long term investment but can pay high dividends and if you have retargeting set up even better. 

Google Bespoke Leads

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