High Net Worth Database

High Net Worth Database provided by Bespoke Leads

High net worth database does your company need to be speaking to the wealthiest individuals. We can help create, build and manage your very own database of HNW’s. 

Bespoke Leads can help you build a database. 

  • A Minimum of half a million in their portfolio. (Not including the property they reside in)
  • A Minimum of £60,000 income into their household.
  • Must have made 2 investments within the last 6 months. 

Bespoke Leads provides data requirements in a number of countries:

  • UK, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Australia and many more.

The data that Bespoke Leads provides comes with the following fields:

 Name, Address, Postcode, Tel. Mob, Email (Additional)

High Net Worth Database – Opted in data plus lead generation.

Generate top quality high net worth investment leads from a bespoke marketing campaign  We have certified managers who can build and manage a campaign on your behalf. Use LinkedIn or Google to generate fresh inquires. Typically the lead can vary between £40-80 CPL and Bespoke Leads works on a % of overall spend.

High Net worth database

How does this work?

Landing Page: Bespoke Leads in house design agency will build you a landing page based on your investment, your company and the offer.

Campaigns: The campaigns are set up on the channels with keywords, add groups and targeted audience. 

Leads: The traffic from the campaigns are directed to the landing pages generating fresh inbound inquires of investors seeking to find out more information.

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