Housing Disrepair Leads For Law Firms.

Housing disrepair leads by Bespoke Leads behalf of law firms. The English Housing Survey has shown that there are 76,814+ “non-decent” properties in the UK.

Our comprehensive methods result in premium opt in digitally generated leads. These are individuals seeking legal assistance for housing disrepair. We help law firms increase revenue by finding new customers to represent. Providing a strong ROI. How does it work?

housing disrepair leads from https://www.bespokeleads.com

Affiliates provide traffic via housing disrepair adverts.

The first stage of the process for generating housing disrepair leads is Bespoke Leads carefully selects affiliates to provide traffic from social media ads. The platforms include Facebook, TiK Tok and native traffic from strategic council and housing association websites. Generating housing disrepair leads via digital marketing provides a number of benefits. As an example when dealing with prospects they can be confident they have NOT been coerced to speak with the company. This saves time and makes the company more efficient by working with prospects who genuinely want to seek help on their housing disrepair problems.     

housing disrepair leads from https://www.bespokeleads.com

Traffic Arranged – the next part is the landing page?

Secondly the Bespoke Leads team will design your company landing page which needs to be registered as a trading style of the law firm. The team can find your complaints procedure, terms and conditions and registered SRA number. (These typically can be found on the law firms website.)

The landing page can be approved by a compliance team to confirm the site adheres to the financial promotions act.

housing disrepair leads from https://www.bespokeleads.com

 Traffic + Landing Page = Delivery of housing disrepair leads.

In conclusion the traffic is directed to a landing page which captures interested individuals. The leads will then need to be delivered to the law firms. On the testing stage the housing disrepair leads are delivered via an API into a Google Sheet that allows Bespoke Leads to check the feedback on the leads in real time.

After the test is completed, and all parties are happy. As a result, the API can be moved into the law firms CRM and monthly volumes can be arranged.

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Strong ROI on housing disrepair leads generated by Bespoke Leads for law firms.

Bespoke Leads will take on the responsibility of delivering a set amount of leads for a set price. Clients are receiving conversion between 6-10%. By using this process the law firm would only need to contact the leads and confirm requirements, arrange for photographic evidence and have a CFA signed to become a case. 

Housing Disrepair Leads by bespoke Leads

We provide all of our clients with a dedicated account manager who is on hand to assist when you need them, sure fire communication and provides regular updates.

Our specialists spend time developing a bespoke marketing strategy based on your individual needs/objectives and implement proven strategies.

We work to tight deadlines to ensure we can deploy your site or launch your campaigns quickly. Delivering sure fire premium leads as quickly as possible so our clients start making money, fast.

Our focus is to make our clients money and provide a strong ROI. Resulting in monthly orders and creating a win-win situation.

If you have any questions on the above information, speak to a dedicated account manager by completing the form.

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Housing disrepair in the news 

ITV have proven that there is a housing scandal going on right now. The recommendation is to improve compensation up to £25,00.

MOJ to delay introduction of Fixed Recoverable Costs for 2 years in Housing Disrepair.

Questions asked on the landing page?

The following Questions are asked on the landing page:

  • Are you a council or housing association tenant. YES/NO
  • Have you reported one or more of the following issues to the landlord in the last 6 months?
    Active leaks, structural damage, roof issues, severe mold.   
  • Could you confirm the landlord has not rectified the issue yet? YES/NO
  • Approximately, How long ago did you report the first issue? Over 1 year ago, 6-12 months. 

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