Housing Disrepair Web Leads

What housing disrepair web leads can you supply?

Bespoke leads use a multi-channel approach to create interest by advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. To turn this traffic into housing disrepair leads the visitor is sent to a landing page where we qualify them and then deliver them to you in real time.

We have over 2 years of experience in generating housing disrepair web leads, including Private HDR Leads, using this and having ready-made audiences we can provide volume and quality.

Housing Disrepair Leads- Web Private HDR Leads

How do you pre-qualify housing disrepair web leads?

The housing disrepair leads landing page requires certain information
for a lead to be completed and forwarded. Important information is
collected such as:

  • When did they file the complaint with the landlord
  • Has the landlord rectified the issues
  •  Have they already made a claim
  • What issues are they facing with the property
  •  Request for photo evidence to be attached to the inquiry


Social and private housing disrepair web leads.

housing disrepair leads from https://www.bespokeleads.com

How do you deliver the leads, how quickly can we start?

The first order of housing disrepair web leads is typically delivered in real- time via a Google sheet, upon completion and moving forward to regular orders this can be delivered straight into your CRM via API. We require 2-3 working days from receipt of marketing spend to start a campaign.

 Bespoke Leads can provide law firms with social media marketing with proven ROI for housing disrepair. We encourage you to fill out our online form now and schedule a free consultation with one of our business development managers today.

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Let’s work on multiple campaigns? 

PCP claims leads

Stamp duty claims leads

Tenancy deposit leads. 

Further information about HDR Claims:

When making a housing disrepair claim, it’s crucial to demonstrate that a property has actionable defects, the landlord was notified, and the landlord did not address these defects within a reasonable time. housing disrepair leads can connect those seeking assistance with such claims with the right legal services.

Actionable Defects
Actionable defects typically involve failures in:

  •  Property structure (e.g., walls, roof, windows, doors)
  •  Essential utilities (e.g., sinks, baths, toilets, pipes, wiring)
  •  Heating and hot water systems (e.g., boilers, gas, and electrical safety)

Landlords must be aware of these issues to be held accountable for repairs. Private HDR leads can help target those who require proper legal support for these claims. Claims Against Social Landlords and Housing Associations Most claims are against social landlords and housing associations, which must adhere to specific standards and maintain detailed records of tenant communications. Private landlords might not keep such detailed records, so tenants need to be diligent in reporting issues.

housing disrepair web leads can filter out those that have not reported issues to ensure your team only deals with applicants that can be helped.

Summary of Private Tenant Housing Disrepair
Private tenants have legal rights to a habitable living environment, similar to those of council tenants. When private rental properties suffer from disrepair, tenants can bring claims against their landlords. These claims typically involve issues with the structure of the property, essential utilities, and heating systems. Landlords are responsible for addressing these problems once they are made aware of them.

HDR web leads provide real-time claimant who are eligible for a claim and require help. 

Housing disrepair in the news 

ITV have proven that there is a housing scandal going on right now. The recommendation is to improve compensation up to £25,00.

MOJ to delay introduction of Fixed Recoverable Costs for 2 years in Housing Disrepair.

Questions asked on the landing page?

The following Questions are asked on the landing page:

  • Are you a council or housing association tenant. YES/NO
  • Have you reported one or more of the following issues to the landlord in the last 6 months?
    Active leaks, structural damage, roof issues, severe mold.   
  • Could you confirm the landlord has not rectified the issue yet? YES/NO
  • Approximately, How long ago did you report the first issue? Over 1 year ago, 6-12 months. 

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