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IVA leads/What is it?

Due to many different circumstances, an individual could find themselves in a position where they have more outgoings than their monthly disposable income. This can lead to missed payments, arrears, and more pressure. To help ease the financial
situation plans like IVA’s or debt management are available to restructure debt and monthly outgoings.

What IVA Leads can you supply?

Harness the power of our multi-channel approach to generate high-quality IVA leads. We expertly advertise on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, creating interest and driving traffic to your business.

Our Proven Process:

1. Targeted Advertising: We use targeted ads on social media to reach your ideal audience and spark interest in your services.

2. Landing Page Conversion: Interested visitors are directed to a customised landing page, where we qualify them through tailored questions to ensure they meet your criteria.

3. Real-Time Lead Delivery: Qualified leads are delivered to you instantly, allowing you to act quickly and secure new business opportunities.

With years of experience in generating Debt leads, including IVA leads, we have honed our strategies to provide you with both volume and quality. Our ready-made audiences are primed and ready for targeting, ensuring a steady stream of interested and qualified leads.

How do you pre-qualify?

The traffic driven to a landing page is then prequalified to ensure that your team only speaks to those that they can help. The following important information is collected:

  •  Debt level
  • Amount of debts
  • Amount paying to debts per month
  • Employment status
  • Monthly income
  • Residential status

How do you deliver the leads, how quickly can we start?

Your initial order of IVA web leads will be delivered in real-time through a Google Sheet. For subsequent orders, leads can be seamlessly integrated directly into your CRM via API. We require 2- 3 working days from receipt of the marketing budget to commence the campaign.

We provide all of our clients with a dedicated account manager who is on hand to assist when you need them, sure fire communication and provides regular updates.

Our specialists spend time developing a bespoke marketing strategy based on your individual needs/objectives and implement proven strategies.

We work to tight deadlines to ensure we can deploy your site or launch your campaigns quickly. Delivering sure fire premium leads as quickly as possible so our clients start making money, fast.

Our focus is to make our clients money and provide a strong ROI. Resulting in monthly orders and creating a win-win situation.


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Proven and selected platforms to generate quality leads.  

Leads we deliver are through a variety of methods including social, native, affiliate & major search engines. Depending on the companies budget, what stage they at on their journey and their current marketing plans. Bespoke Leads may be able to assist in growth by helping businesses find new clients.   

Understanding IVAs and Debt Management Plans: Simple Solutions for Financial Relief

In today’s world, many people struggle with too much debt. Two popular solutions for dealing with debt are Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) and Debt Management Plans (DMPs). Each of these solutions offers unique benefits and can help people regain control of their finances.

What is an IVA?
An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal and legally binding agreement between a person and their creditors. This agreement allows the person to repay their debts over a set period, usually five years. Monthly payments are based on what the person can afford. At the end of the IVA term, any remaining unsecured debt is often written off.

Key Features of an IVA:

1. Legally Binding Agreement: Once approved, an IVA is legally binding for both the person and their creditors. Creditors cannot take further legal action or add more interest or charges to the debt.

2. Structured Repayment Plan: The repayment amount is based on what the person can reasonably afford, allowing for a more manageable monthly payment.

3. Debt Write-Off: At the end of the IVA period, any remaining unsecured debt is typically written off, providing a fresh financial start.

4. Creditor Approval: An IVA requires approval from creditors who represent at least 75% of the total debt value. If approved, all creditors are bound by the agreement.

5. Protection from Creditors: Creditors included in the IVA cannot pursue the person
for the outstanding debt, offering peace of mind and legal protection.

What is a Debt Management Plan?
A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an informal agreement between a person and their
creditors to repay debts at a more affordable rate. Unlike an IVA, a DMP is not legally binding and offers more flexibility. It is often used for non-priority debts such as credit cards,
personal loans, and overdrafts.

Key Features of a DMP:

1. Informal Agreement: A DMP is not legally binding, which means it can be adjusted if the person’s financial situation changes.
2. Affordable Payments: Monthly payments are negotiated based on what the person can afford, providing relief from unmanageable payments.
3. No Legal Protection: Unlike an IVA, a DMP does not offer legal protection from creditors, and they can still pursue legal action, though this is less common if regular payments are made.
4. Interest and Charges: Creditors may agree to freeze interest and charges, but this is not guaranteed.
5. Flexibility: The person can alter the payment amounts or stop the plan if their financial situation improves or if they decide to pursue a different debt solution.

Our Role: Providing IVA Leads for Debt Solutions
At Bespoke Leads, we specialise in generating high-quality IVA leads, connecting debt solution providers with people seeking help with their financial burdens. Our expertise in lead generation ensures that our clients receive qualified and motivated leads, enabling them to offer effective debt solutions tailored to individual needs.

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