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Marketing to high net worth individuals

Marketing to high net worth individuals: So you want to target the HNW audience?

Marketing to high net worth individuals can be a daunting task. Finding suitable investors who match the requirements set out by the governing bodies is crucial for staying on the right side of the law. Here at Bespoke Leads we have a number of ways to get access to the high net worth audience. Our latest method is targeting a profiled audience offering investors the opportunity to join a marketing list therefore they will match the criteria.

You want to advertise a product (Marketing to high net worth individuals)?

Advertise through our quarterly newsletter to the HNW audience. Proving potential investment opportunities which allow us to offer this advertisement to our clients through a sister company. We have been building an opted in marketing list through online marketing methods therefore we can offer a strong advertising to our clients. Creating High net worth investor leads.

We don’t provide investments but we still want to target the HNW audience? Marketing to high net worth individuals?

Through our sister company we can still provide the opportunity to place your product, service or charity to the correct audience. We offer special positions in our email marketing and with a magazine in the winds we would be happy to discuss the opportunity further.

We want a database to provide our own marketing to HNW?

Having built a long term relationship with a data house company who specialise in opted in HNW around the world. This allow us to offer a licence on the data set for calling and for email marketing. Obtaining the right licence is crucial to ensuring you are correctly marketing with the correct opt in required.

Work with a marketing company who cares!

    Are you a brokerage targeting HNW clients?

    Bespoke Leads has an array of investments suitable for HNW clients. We have an agent network. Should you wish to discover our suitable investments get in contact and one of our account managers can explain these investment opportunities,

    Looking to find out more?

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