Mis-Sold Business Energy Web Leads

Mis-Sold Business Energy Web Leads through Bespoke Leads. Are you looking to speak with potential claimants in relation to their business energy claim? Discover more how Bespoke Leads can help you unlock more cases for your firm to represent.  

Mis-Sold Business Energy Web Leads

What Mis-Sold Business
Energy Leads can we supply?

Bespoke leads use a multi-channel approach to create interest by advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. To turn this traffic into Business Energy Claim leads the visitor is sent to a landing page where we qualify them and then deliver them to you in real time. We have years of experience in generating various types of claim leads, including Business Energy Claim leads, and have ready-made audiences to target meaning we can provide volume and quality.

How do you pre-qualify?

The Business Energy Claim leads landing page requires certain information for a lead to be completed and forwarded. Important information is collected such as:

  • Company name
  • If the energy contract arranged through a broker
  • Who the supplier is
  •  What the annual energy consumption is in KWH

If the lead does not meet the criteria, it is not a Business Energy
Claim lead and won’t be delivered ensuring your team only deals
with applicants they can provide a service to.


How do you deliver the Mis-sold business energy web leads, how quickly can we start?

The first order of Business Energy Claim leads is typically delivered in real-time via a Google sheet, upon completion and moving forward to regular orders this can be delivered straight into your CRM via API. We require 2-3 working days from receipt of marketing spend to start a campaign..


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Further information about Business Energy Claims:

A business energy claim is a legal process through which businesses seek compensation for overcharges or hidden commissions embedded in their energy contracts by energy brokers. Energy brokers act as intermediaries between businesses and energy suppliers, assisting in sourcing and negotiating energy contracts. However, in many instances, these brokers have included undisclosed commissions in the contracts, leading to higher energy costs for businesses. Business Energy Claim leads screen claimants by filtering out those who have not used a broker.

Legally, energy brokers are required to disclose any commissions they earn from the contracts they facilitate. Despite this, numerous brokers have either misrepresented or concealed their financial incentives, resulting in businesses paying more than necessary for their energy. This lack of transparency has prompted many businesses to file claims to recover the excess charges they have paid. To be eligible for a business energy claim, the following criteria typically apply:

1. Use of an Energy Broker: The business must have used an energy broker to source their energy contracts. This intermediary is responsible for negotiating terms and prices on behalf of the business.

2. Hidden Commissions: There must be evidence or a reasonable suspicion that the energy broker included hidden commissions in the contracts without clearly disclosing them. These hidden fees lead to inflated energy costs.

3. Time Frame: The claim usually pertains to contracts signed within a specific time frame, often within the last six years. This period can vary based on jurisdictional regulations.

4. Proof of Overpayment: The business must demonstrate that they overpaid for their energy due to the undisclosed commissions. This typically involves a review of energy bills and contracts to identify discrepancies.

5. Legal Standing: The business must meet any additional legal requirements, such as proving they were misled or that the broker failed to meet disclosure obligations.

Businesses across various sectors may be eligible for energy claims, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large corporations, and public sector organizations. The average claim can be substantial, often exceeding £25,000, and in some cases, businesses may be entitled to millions of pounds in compensation. Business Energy Claim leads can provide your company with consistent quality and
volume of leads to help companies get the compensation their due.

The process of making a business energy claim involves several steps:

1. Initial Assessment: An initial review of the business energy contracts and bills to identify potential overcharges.

2. Evidence Gathering: Collecting and compiling evidence to support the claim, including communications with the broker and financial records.

3. Filing the Claim: Submitting the claim through legal or regulatory channels, often with the assistance of specialized firms or legal professionals.

4. Negotiation or Litigation: Engaging in negotiations with the energy broker or their representatives, or pursuing litigation if necessary.

5. Compensation Recovery: Once the claim is successful, recovering the
compensation owed to the business.

Given the prevalence of undisclosed commissions in energy contracts, it is estimated that over 2 million businesses in the UK alone could be entitled to compensation. For many businesses, pursuing an energy claim represents a significant opportunity to recoup overpaid funds and ensure fair pricing practices in their energy contracts.

Our company specialises in generating Business Energy Claim leads, helping businesses identify and pursue their potential compensation claims. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we simplify the process and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for businesses looking to reclaim their overpaid energy costs.