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Mis sold PCP Leads

Mis sold PCP Leads Exclusive, Real Time and High Quality.  

Mis-sold PCPs are affecting thousands of people. Are you looking to provide services that make their lives easier?

Mis-sold PCPs are a rising problem all over the nation. Nowadays, personal contract plans are among the most popular payment options for vehicles, and due to their complexity and convenience, thousands of drivers are getting scammed by dealers, brokers and finance companies.  Who wanted to get a better deal for themselves, leaving the customer with high interest rates and fees there were unaware off. 

If you’re looking to tap into that market, and provide a unique, reliable service to help people take back their rights and claim their funds back, you need a solid marketing strategy to let those people know you’re here to help.

PCP Leads

Bespoke Leads is the industry leader when it comes to utilizing modern technology to capture your ideal customers.

Bespoke Leads is about locating the people who find value in your business and facilitating your relationship with them, not a stream of email addresses that add nothing to your sales figures and everything to your workloads. Our online lead generation services engage highly motivated prospects and deliver them in real-time. Our proven methods provide your company with the best opportunity to nurture fresh leads and create sales, providing lead generation management that rockets your ROI.

PCP leads – what can you expect?

  • Building a funnel they can engage with – There’s no wastage, just proactive prospects who want to hear from you without delay. Through a mix of digital marketing channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, and Bing, we’ll secure interest from relevant, highly qualified, pro-active prospects and deliver them directly to your business in real-time.
  • Converting prospects to customers – We build a powerful landing page to captivate your prospects’ interest, and design engaging advertisements to get your name in people’s minds whenever they think of a PCP claim. This way, we can turn someone who’s merely interested into a warmed up prospect, and get them to go through your structured sales funnel.
  • Growing your operations – Once one platform shows signs of success and growth, we expand to include more platforms and more marketing channels, and work alongside you to develop a growth strategy that aligns with your sales outcomes. Quality leads are our priority: if you’re not converting sales, you’re not buying more leads.

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