Pension Leads

Pension leads are consumers considering their pension options. Regulated pension companies can lead generate for consumers seeking their expertise. Bespoke Leads offers marketing assistance for pension companies to find new customers.  Our 2023 method is via Facebook ad platform at a price point of around £50. (Each customer has different pension requirements).  

Pension Leads – £50 social lead generation. 

Social advertising via Facebook can bring a strong source and regular supply. The pension company can chose inhouse lead generation for social advertising or they can use a third party marketing company to find the leads in order to conduct business. Bespoke Leads offers real time Facebook leads on behalf of the company to provide qualified pension leads for financial advisers.

GDPR compliant – generated from a tested source with good conversion rates available UK wide.

Who might become a lead and why?

A potential customer that has expressed interest in a new pension, pension review, annuity purchase or income drawdown and would like to speak to an independent financial advisor. Bespoke leads also provides leads for other type of leads including equity release leads. 

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£50 social leads to help grow your business?

Generate leads from a bespoke Facebook marketing campaign.

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How does this work?

  • Landing Page: Bespoke Leads in house design agency will build you a landing page based on your pension product, your company and the offer.
  • Campaigns: The campaigns are set up on the channels with keywords, add groups and targeted audience.
  • Leads: The traffic from the campaigns are directed to the landing pages generating fresh inbound inquires off pension seeking to find out more information.


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