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PPC investor lead Generation

PPC investor lead generation: Let us put those investors in front of you?

PPC Investor lead generation: Having 10+ years experience in generating investment leads. Our main focus on Google ad campaigns and running ppc lead generation, we can honestly say there is nobody better to take care of your lead generation. Through careful planning we ensure the leads we generate are liquid, receptive and ready to invest.

How does PPC investor lead generation campaigns work?

Let’s imagine you are a green energy investment company looking for investors interested in what you have to offer. We will carefully plan and launch a tailored Google ad campaign targeting people looking for green energy investments. Your advertisement will sit at the top of the Google search results when people search for green energy investments, and if they’re looking to invest they will click on your ad, be taken to your page and leave their details for a phone call back. Simple.

How much is this going to cost me?

We run PPC lead generation campaigns for clients of all sizes, however typically we’ll deal with clients looking to invest a figure between £3,500 and £50,000. We will typically charge 15% of whatever your spend is, so if you’re looking to invest £10,000 in a Google ad campaign, we will charge £1,500 to manage it for you. This will mean you have paid advertising experts monitoring and tweaking your campaign everyday, ensuring you will get the best quality leads possible for the cheapest possible price. There will often be small additional charges incurred if you are looking for extras such as landing page creation and ads set up in order to get your campaign going.


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