SEO Leads

SEO leads – The long term investment

SEO leads is by far the best investment you can make for your business. Firstly we will start off saying this is a far from an easy service and results can not be guaranteed. However if you can look past that and see the upside potential of free high quality leads when you reach the top. SEO is the golden ticket as far as we are concerned. 

Many variables and takes time.  

When looking at SEO there are many variables to consider. From On page SEO, Off page SEO, Backlinks, Domain authority plus many more. Many variables will determine your position on search engines. With updates on major search engines happening on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly or even every 6 months the time this can take can not be measured. It takes time, patience and skill however as they say good things take time.

Setting out a clear plan…

When looking at SEO you have to start with the keywords. Taking a few short term keywords and building the longer keywords from the shorter term. This helps finds pockets of areas you may be missing. These pockets may not be as competitive and can result in a higher listing more quickly. Choosing 2 short term keywords and then 5 longer keyword terms is the best to start and then when you have traffic from them keywords you can look to expand.

SEO Leads

You are indexed on Google and on the first page….

Great you have done a very good job just to get there. However the difference between being positioned 8th to 2nd is as different as night and day. Unless you’re in the top 3 positions you will receive very little traffic and the traffic you will receive will be by companies contacting 5,6,7, companies for a quote. Its only really worth it if your in the top 3 positions.  

My SEO is taken care of what else could I be doing?

That’s great you are being positive towards SEO and we wish you the best. Should you already have SEO taken care of we would suggest to have Google retargeting set up and now be running a PPC campaign. That’s if you want more leads of course.

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