Solar Leads

Solar leads are businesses or individuals seeking solar energy. This energy is at the forefront of moving the renewable energy market forward. Bespoke Leads provides solar leads through a variety of methods. These methods include:

Google Ads – Start receiving solar leads and calls into your business by using Google Ads. 

Appear at the top of Google search for relevant keyword and phrases. We focus on getting this traffic to call your business to ensure the highest possible chance of conversion and ROI.

Facebook Ads – Start receiving solar leads for of individuals interested in your solar.  

Target the social media platforms to engage potential customers.

Our job is to ensure our clients receive quality leads on a consistent basis. Through
proven lead generation methods.

Solar leads – What can I expect?

As we know each client is different in terms of what they want and need. Our team will find out your criteria and find you the data and leads. Looking to build a long-term future, we want to make sure you are doing well. This results in us doing well at the same time. Longevity is the key to building for the future.

Campaigns can be set up within a few days. We recommend our clients start with Google Ads. This allows instant calls into the business. These calls can convert into sales and provide solar clients and quick ROI.  After a few months we can install retargeting with using social ads. This increases the lead quantity and reduces the cost per lead. 

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