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Stamp Duty Leads through Bespoke Leads. Are you looking to speak with potential claimants in relation to their SDLT? Discover more how Bespoke Leads can help you unlock more cases for your firm to represent.  

Stamp Duty Claim Web Leads

What SDLT Leads can we supply – Web generated?

Bespoke leads uses a multi-channel approach to create interest by advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik-tok. To turn this traffic into Stamp Duty Claim leads the visitor is sent to a landing page where we qualify them then deliver to you in real time. We have experience in generating Stamp Duty leads, using this and having ready-made audiences we can deliver volume and quality.

How do you pre-qualify Stamp Duty Leads?

The Stamp Duty Claim leads are generate from the web, landing page requires certain information to be completed for a lead to be completed and forwarded. Important information is collected such as:

  •  When the property was purchased ensuring it’s within the
    timeframe you can work with.
  •  Whether they were a first-time buyer
  •  Whether the property was residential
  •  Purchase price of the property
  • Stamp duty amount paid

If the lead does not meet the criteria, it is not a Stamp Duty Claim lead and won’t be delivered ensuring your team only deals with applicants they can provide a service to.

How do you deliver the SDLT leads, how quickly can we start?

The first order of Stamp Duty leads is typically delivered real-time via a Google sheet, upon completion and moving forward to regular orders this can be delivered straight into your CRM via API. We require 2-3 working days from receipt of marketing spend to start a campaign.


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Further information about Stamp Duty Claims

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax payable to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when an individual buys a residential property or land exceeding a specific price threshold in England and Northern Ireland. Different tax regulations apply in Scotland and Wales.

An SDLT return must be submitted to HMRC, and the tax paid within 14 days of the sales completion. Late submissions can incur penalties between £100 and £200, along with possible interest charges on overdue payments. It’s crucial to ensure timely submission and payment of your SDLT return.

In 2019, the PN Bewley v HMRC case determined that residential properties unfit for habitation could be classified as non-residential, allowing owners to pay lower non-residential SDLT rates. Consequently, homeowners with uninhabitable properties can claim SDLT refunds from HMRC, a process facilitated by Stamp Duty Claim leads.
you purchased a property within the last four years that meets the uninhabitable criteria, contact our advisors to assess your claim’s viability.

Is Stamp Duty the Same as Land Tax?

SDLT differs from Land Transaction Tax (LTT) and Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) in Wales and Scotland, respectively. While they share similar concepts, each has unique rules and regulations. For properties or land in England and Northern Ireland, SDLT applies. In Wales and Scotland, LTT or LBTT is applicable.

The current LTT threshold in Wales is £225,000 for both residential and non- residential properties. In Scotland, the LBTT threshold is £145,000, £175,000 for first-time buyers, and £150,000 for non-residential and lease premiums. For property purchases in England or Northern Ireland, SDLT remains relevant. Stamp Duty Claim leads targets only those that are eligible.

Who Pays Stamp Duty Land Tax?
Required to pay SDLT when purchasing:

          • A freehold property
          • A leasehold (new or existing)
          •  A property via a shared ownership scheme
          • Land or property transferred to youAs of December 2022, SDLT applies to properties and land valued at:
          •  £250,000 or more
          •  £425,000 for first-time buyers (residential properties worth £625,000 or less)
          •  £150,000 for non-residential property